Poems and Haiku:

  • NZPS members may submit poems and haiku.  
  • Non-members may submit poems and haiku for a small fee – $5 a poem or 2 Haiku. Please see payment instructions on the submission form. 
  • We welcome poems in te reo Māori with English translations.  
  • Poems and haiku may be unpublished or previously published. If previously published, please include the name of the publication in which the poems or haiku appeared. 
  • Send up to four poems, up to 40 lines each, and/or up to four haiku per edition in one Word Document labelled with your name.

Feature Articles, Talk Poems or Interviews:

  • If you’d like to write an article, be interviewed or interview a poet, in the first instance, please pitch Gail Ingram through this form with your proposal.
  • Both NZPS members and non-members can pitch for an article.
  • We are keen to publish articles that encourage and strengthen readers’ and writers’ relationship with poetry. We would also like to see articles that can assist NZPS’s readership in practical areas, such as poetry publishing or poetry performance. We are also interested in ‘Talk Poem’ articles to introduce readers to new poetry, and to assist readers to improve their understanding of poetry – that is, in essence, one poet discussing a poem by another poet, either because it is a favourite of the writer (who will be explaining why), or because it has something to teach the reader about the craft of poetry. 


  • If you would like to review a poetry book, please pitch through this form with your proposal.
  •  Reviewers keep the book. We will also consider unsolicited reviews of other books.
  •  Reviews appear in our seasonal magazine and will be 500-1000 words, excluding quotations — although this is negotiable, depending on the nature of the book under review.  


  • Digital artists are invited to submit art on the season’s theme to be considered for the cover of a fine line or to be used throughout the issue in the headers, alongside poetry from a wide range of writers from Aotearoa. 
  • Both NZPS members and non-members’ submissions will be considered. We especially love artists who are also poets. 
  • Send a selection of high-quality digital art images in jpeg or png files suitable for the theme of the issue. (Themes for 2024: Winter: Student feature, open theme; Spring: Light Summer: Guest Editor, theme to be advised)


Selected contributions receive a small koha. General Rate $25 per page.

Featured Poet $100 for around 4 pages

Featured Article $100 for up to 4 pages

Poems $30 for first page, $25 per page thereafter

Haiku $10 for first haiku, multiple haiku $15

Articles $25 per page, up to $75

Reviews $25 per page, up to $75

Micro Reviews $30 for one page

Cover Art $100 

Contributing Art $20 per artist


New Zealand Poetry Society Te Rōpū Toikupu o Aotearoa